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How can we achieve institutional recognition and happily cultivate the ability to meet the world?

In many experimental education (or open education, flipping, innovative education), including the forest primary school, self-study group, tutoring, whole-person education, and the implementation of the education system such as Waldorf and Montessori, all need to face For this real problem. We believe that we can provide children with relatively free learning, but not in the way of sweet icing, completely flattering the child's preferences, guiding the best way is to trigger himself, but also needs results, and is tolerant of institutions and society. This requires a right philosophy and direction, and a good system to support. In fact, today's schoolchildren are becoming more and more aware of the need for "physical and mental learning." Learning and tolerance are different from traditional textbooks, helping them learn to coexist with inner devils and overcome excessive dependence, anxiety, incitement, and hidden social barriers. And have the ability to cooperate. These things that did not need special emphasis in the past have become the future needs that can be seen under the pressure of modern life, occupation and competition.

In response to the trend, the government has continuously revised the three methods, commonly known as experimental education, various ways of trying to return to the essence of education, the human body, the efforts of public and private institutions, and extracurricular learning, which helps students to boldly engage in creativity. Development and entrepreneurial activities. It is expected that these future leaders will not only have diversified thinking, but also have the courage and confidence to improve the environment.

All of these are revealing the appeal of the openness of education. Nowadays, we promote the study outside the system, cooperate with foreign language teaching, and introduce the learning resources flexibly and professionally, and integrate international trends and corporate practice training, expecting the process. The subtle influence, the acquisition of diverse knowledge, and even the change of life situation, cultivate the international vision that students can have, and are not afraid of trying to save.

Discovery: You can ask, grow yourself

The return of education to the development of human nature does not mean that he cannot be asked to learn what he is not good at. The most important thing is to help people discover "heself" - those inner, natural talents, potential, and personality orientation. This is to say that you are valuable before you develop your talents and self-realization.

For school-age children, this helps him to be able to learn automatically because of interest and psychological satisfaction, without having to force a duck. For adolescents and adult learners, this helps self-confidence confirmation and psychological quality maintenance. Understanding success or failure is not the only goal. People's external performance also includes the use of tools and resources, and their own value perception. It should be multi-faceted.

EC-Learn Ideas

The promotion and practice of "innovative education" is the unremitting goal of EC-learn. Through the integration of resources in various industries and the design of course content, learning knowledge becomes "creative", "innovation", "creation" and "entrepreneurship". The nutrients motivate the students' own potential and fulfill our expectations for the appropriate development of education.